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About ANZ Wine

We are New Zealand Owned and Operated, global suppliers and exporters of world renowned finest New Zealand Wine. In addition to the premium wine brands owned by us including the top notch Shalespeare Bay and Shakespeare Gold, all our wines are sourced from award winning vineyards from selected wine regions. Processed at world class wineries, renowned over the years for manufacturing premium quality wines and maintaining stringent quality standards as well as meeting New Zealand Grape Wine Export Eligibility Requirements, our range of international award winning wines include New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Pinot Gris, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah/Shiraz, Pinot Noir wines and New Zealand Rose wines.

This site has been designed to assist and delight our valued individual members,  corporate members and wine lovers by providing an access to the unique finest wines from New Zealand and Australia. We hope you enjoy visit to our site, and the tantalizing selections available online. In the event that you cannot find a specific product, please contact us - we'd welcome the opportunity to source it for you.

We are committed to provide the best value for money and service our members with “Free Home Delivery” in New Zealand delivering the wines without charging any freight charges.

Our team at ANZ Wine Club™ takes full pride and ownership in the process right from selecting our wine, processing to its safe delivery and delighting our valued members.
ANZ Wine™ is an integral part and extension to the success story of an enterprise that began as a humble beginning in 2004 and now reckoned around the world from South Pacific to ASEAN, Asia to Middle East and Europe to the US and Canada for its quality products and services. We aim to aggressively market and provide every household worldwide an access to enjoy our carefully selected and tested finest New Zealand Wine, with uncompromised quality and standards.

The parent company Australia and New Zealand Produce Limited, are the global exporters of New Zealand Manuka Honey, Seafood, Greenshell Mussels, Fresh Fruits and Meat (NZ Lamb, Beef and Venison) etc. to name a few.   

Our flagship tourism enterprise Dream World New Zealand Limited (an inbound Wholesale Travel Organization and Destination Management Company) promoting New Zealand and Australia as tourism destination, operating as a key point of contact for the International Travel trade, Corporate World, Film and Entertainment industry is well renowned for high tradition and values in the trade delivering dependability and unmatched advantages to travel trade worldwide since 2004.

Members:  Auckland Chamber of Commerce, ETTA NZ Inc, The New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Korea, Tourism Industry Association New Zealand, GOPIO, Strategic Partners with “Drink India Congress 2010”, Alliance Partner with "Drink World Congress 2010-11" (Drink Asia Pacific 2010, Drink Europe 2010, Drink America 2011, Drink CIS 2011)